All In One Text Tools Online

Free online text tool helps everyone search and replace, adds prefix and/or suffix to each line, sort, counts and perform other common operation with manipulating text.

Paste the text you want to modify and then use one or more of the operation options below to change the text.The new modified text will appear in the box at the bottom of the page.



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Converts all characters to upper case

Title Case

Capitalizes every first character of word


Converts all characters to lower case

Count characters

Counts all characters in text

Count words

Counts words in text

Count lines

Counts new lines in text

Rotate 13

Moves each character with 13 positions forward in the ASCII table

Sort lines alpha

Sorts text lines alphabetically

Word frequency

How many times each word is used

Character frequency

How many times each character is used

Column from table

Allows you to get text column from HTML table. Copy and paste the table content in the text field and type the column number you want to extract then press Start

Trim lines

Removes whitespace from end of lines

Replace text with new line

Replaces string with new line

Replace text

Replaces one string with another

Format JSON

Pretty format JSON string


Encode string as URL safe string


Decode URL safe string as regular string


Encode text as base64


Decode base64 sting

Add line numbers

Add line number before every line of text

Split text

Splits text by separator

Reverse text

Reverses text

Generate numbers

Generates numbers withing the provided range

Unix to date

Converts UNIX timestam to Datetime string

Identify Hash

Try to identify hash string

Prefix/Suffix lines

Adds prefix and/or suffix to each line of the text

Format Numbers

Format numbers according to the current browser locale


Adds underscore to the text


Strikes out the text


Shuffle the lines of the text